1. My cousin in the pink and me in the blue I had on a dress from forever 21 and my shoes and belt I got from two different places but the colors matched perfectly they were both a burgundy red and I had a double stranded pearl necklace.

  3. I love this outfit it’s inspired by Spencer Hastings from ABC’s Pretty Little Liars!


  4. noeliitop said: Well cant comment on your last post for taming hair but i will tell you here.I usually use a leave in for blow drying my hair to make it soft n protect it from heat, it can also help you make your blow drying easier and make your hair smoother so when you iron it, you dont overwork it with the iron. For ironing I use a heat protectant spray like one n only argan oil spray treatment or proclaim olive oil heat protectant which have other oils which are reeeeally good, and after I finish, I use jus

    I used to blow dry my hair, it took SO long I have uncontrollably thick hair so it usually takes me half an hour to do one side properly then by the time that’s done the other half of my head is a poofed up mess =P


  5. A great series!

    I am currently reading Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” series and it is amazing! It’s sort of like “The Hunger Games” in the message and the target audience. But it’s also not the same at all. I’m more than half way through “Insurgent” the second book and can’t wait for “Allegiant” to come out in the fall! I’m not very good at explaining things so here is a link to the book’s plot


  6. Two sweaters I ordered off if Forever 21.com they’re so soft and comfortable!

  7. I use this for my hair and it is gradually getting softer and smoother and well as shinier =] and it saves it from damage from the straightener!

  8. Bath and Body Works is having their semi annual sale and they brought back some of their old stuff so I immediately went there and bought country apple!(my all time favorite!)

  9. My haul of the day after hitting Bath and Body Work and A grocery store

  10. This is after I straighten the crap out of it!